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About Company

Welcome to the website of NAMA Electricity Distribution Company


Based on the government’s directives regarding merging the distribution and supply companies of the group into two companies (a supply company and another for distribution to all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman except Dhofar Governorate) with the aim of reducing the costs of the electricity sector in the medium term, raising the efficiency of the system, developing services, and raising the level of customer satisfaction with the services provided and developing them in order to Keep pace with the technical development in customer services, so the company recently created this site to keep pace with this change in line with the developments of the next stage.


The first company (Nama Electricity Distribution Company) will provide distribution service activities in relation to meters and low-voltage networks and less, and it includes building lines and transformers to distribute the service to Customers, and the second company (Nama Electricity Supply Company) will practice supply services, represented in billing and collection operations.
Nama Electricity Distribution Company is a government-closed joint stock company and the sole licensee by the Electricity Regulatory Authority to distribute electricity to all commercial, residential, governmental, industrial, and agricultural sectors in all governorates of the Sultanate of Oman except Dhofar Governorate.


We thank you for your visit, and we hope to receive your valuable opinions and suggestions on improving the services provided to you.


Our Mission
Enriching Life through Safe, Reliable, efficient and Sustainable Electricity.
Our Vision
Nama Electricity Distribution Company (NEDC) is a leading reference for excellent electricity distribution services in the region
Our Values
Care , Deliver, Do Better

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